CISA: Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments, A NOAA RISA Team

The Coastal Carolinas Drought Early Warning System (DEWS)

Shrinking shorelines are one indication of drought
Shrinking shorelines


CISA contributes to the DEWS through assessment of historical drought events and precipitation patterns and trends in the Carolinas, assessment of drought indicators in Southeastern coastal ecosystems, and a program to expand drought impacts monitoring and reporting through citizen science.


CISA assists NIDIS with communications to DEWS stakeholders and partners, aiming to promote an integrated approach to drought communications and outreach in the Coastal Carolinas. 2016–2017 efforts have focused on creating an inventory of drought information uses, needs, and resources for the Coastal Carolinas and developing new content and mechanisms to disseminate coastal drought information to a variety of audiences.


CISA serves as the main point-of-contact for Coastal Carolinas DEWS activities and has helped to organize several stakeholder events since the DEWS was initiated in 2012.