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Southeast & Caribbean Disaster Recovery Partnership Meeting

The Southeast & Caribbean Disaster Recovery Partnership (SCDRP) strengthens the ability of the region's coastal communities, economies, and environment to recover from coastal storms. The Partnership connects disaster recovery practitioners from public, private, and non-profit backgrounds and provides a platform for training, resources, and relationships that coastal communities need to bounce back. The annual meeting provides an opportunity to connect with resilience and recovery professionals and academics in the region in order to strengthen multi-sector partnerships that will help to achieve success in improving disaster recovery, developing resilience strategies, and sharing lessons learned from recent events. Space is limited. Reserve your spot here.

Jacksonville, FL




NC WRRI Annual Conference

The NC Water Resources Research Institute is hosting its 22nd annual conference on March 18-19, 2020 in Raleigh, N.C. WRRI’s annual conference brings together all sectors and all disciplines working in water resources across North Carolina. Here you’ll find water utilities, students, consultants, academics, nonprofits, state agency staff, among many others, working across diverse fields such as stream restoration, water supply planning, stormwater management, hydrology, community engagement and many more.

Raleigh, NC