CISA Integrating Climate Science & Decision Making in the Carolinas

CISA: Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments, A NOAA RISA Team

CISA’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Advancing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in our society will be an ongoing process of reflection and action. CISA seeks to learn and improve as we work to support the capacity of all Carolinas communities to become more resilient to climate variability and change in conjunction with compounding stresses and inequities. We recognize that our vision can only be achieved fully by incorporating these principles throughout our program.

CISA's Goals

CISA will strive to

  • advance inclusive participation by actively seeking out and prioritizing opportunities to increase meaningful engagement with underserved communities
  • promote opportunities for all voices to be heard and included in decision making
  • improve the accessibility and relevance of climate resilience information by seeking to understand and address the diversity of needs in the Carolinas

This statement is a living document. We would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you as we move forward.

CISA's Work

Examples of the integration of these principles into our work include:

  • Advancing attendee diversity via support for travel and registration at the Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference
  • Working with Beaufort County, SC, to create meaningful engagement opportunities for underrepresented communities in the design of their Comprehensive Plan
  • ntegrating consideration of existing inequities into watershed planning in the Midlands region of South Carolina
  • Making Spanish language translations for our climate and health communications