Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference

2021 Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference

Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference

Durham Convention Center | Durham, North Carolina

→ May 10–12, 2021 ←

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We are monitoring the ongoing pandemic closely and adapting our plans for the 2021 CCRC accordingly. We are committed to making the conference accessible for as many as possible and plan to offer both
in-person and virtual participation options.

Why a Climate Resilience Conference?

The impacts of extreme weather events and evidence of climate change are continuing to grow. So too is our understanding of the challenges we face, collectively, in adapting to these changes. Building resilience — the ability to adjust easily to or recover from a stress or change — is an important step in preparing to successfully address current and future pressures.

Now in its fourth convening, the Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference seeks to assist by providing a place to share experiences and knowledge about opportunities, resources, and local initiatives across a range of professions and regional experts. Although research findings will be shared, this conference is intended to foster real-world solutions to climate adaptation in the Carolinas.


  • Support on-the-ground climate resilience efforts by providing managers and regional experts with an opportunity to share lessons learned and discuss resources and tools for incorporating climate information into their work.
  • Contribute to the development of a climate information network for the Carolinas.
  • Provide a venue for practitioners, resource people, and researchers to share information about current activities, plans, and opportunities for collaboration.

Who Attends the CCRC?

  • Community leaders
  • Engineers
  • Extension agents
  • Faith-based groups
  • Government (local, state, tribal, federal) agency personnel
  • NGOs
  • Planners
  • Policy makers
  • Private sector
  • Researchers
  • Resource managers
  • Scientists

Who Attended the 2018 CCRC?

shots from the 2018 CCRC conference


American Society of Adaptation Professionals


NC & SC chapters of the Nature Conservancy


NC Climate Office


NC Division of Coastal Management


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About CISA

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The Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA; pronounced “SEE-sah”) is one of eleven NOAA-funded Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) teams working to integrate climate science into decision-making processes. CISA researchers, collaborating investigators, and graduate students conduct applied climate research in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders across the Carolinas.

CISA's work includes several cross-cutting activities that seek to advance scientific understanding of climate and hydrological processes in the Carolinas, improve the assessment of climate-related vulnerabilities and impacts, and provide timely and relevant information and tools for decision makers.