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Addressing Climate Change in the Water Sector

This site, hosted by the US Environmental Protection Agency, includes a wide variety of resources and information about climate impacts to the water sector. There are also links to tools, trainings, case studies, and climate adaptation initiatives to support increased resilience to these impacts.

USGS North Carolina

The USGS North Carolina Water Science Center website provides real-time and historical hydrologic data from over 250 data collection sites throughout the state. Additional resources include publications, project information, and educational podcasts and videos.

USGS South Carolina

The USGS South Carolina Water Science Center website also includes real-time and historical hydrologic data to include streamflow, water quality, and groundwater level data sets. In addition, information can be found regarding data collection and investigative studies related to issues of concern to water-management entities and citizens.

NWS Southeast River Forecast Center

The NWS Southeast River Forecast Center provides precipitation and flooding data for the Southeast, to include a 48 hour precipitation outlook and forecasted river flooding conditions.

NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

This website provides precipitation and flooding data at the national level to include current conditions, forecasts, air quality information, and current satellite images of the US.

NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources

The Division of Water Resources administers programs for river basin management, water supply assistance, water conservation, and water resources development. The website provides links to various hydrologic data sets, basin models, policy and regulatatory information, and education and outreach programs.

SC Department of Natural Resources, Hydrology

The mission of the Hydrology Section of SC DNR is to provide guidance, counsel and data to the State government and the general public for the beneficial use, conservation and management of SC's water resources. The website provides information on current projects, links to online data sources and related resources, and links to publications and reports.

SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), Bureau of Water

The SC DHEC Bureau of Water is charged with working to ensure SC waterways meet water quality standards set forth in the Federal Clean Water Act. Their website provides information on various standards for different water uses, water monitoring programs, permits and regulations and agency publications.

American Water Works Association

    The American Water Works Association is the oldest and largest nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to safe and sustainable water in the world. The organizations chapters offer education to water professionals, advocacy for stae and sustainable water, knowledge collection and dissemination, and opportunities for volunteers.
  • SC Section
  • NC Section

National Rural Water Association

    The National Rural Water Association, through its state affiliates, is the largest water and wastewater utility membership organization in the nation representing over 28,353 public water and wastewater utilities. The NRWA advocates for reasonable, practical, and affordable regulations for water supplies across the nation.
  • SC Rural Water Association
  • NC Rural Water Association

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