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National Centers for Environmental Information

NCEI is the world's largest active archive of weather data. The website provides links to numerous climate publications and multiple types of climate data sets.

NOAA Climate Services

    The NOAA web portal provides science and services for a climate-smart nation. Resources include:
  • Climate Watch Magazine
  • Regional, National and Global Data Maps
  • Climate Science Assessment Reports
  • Educational Materials

NOAA Southeast Region Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook

Produced by the Southeast Regional Climate Center, the Southeast Region Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook provides a summary of weather and climate events and impacts for each climatological season..

NOAA State Climate Summaries

Following the release of the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment, these state summaries were produced to meet a demand for state-level information about historical climate variations and trends, future climate projections, and past and future conditions of sea level and coastal flooding.

NOAA National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center

The NWS Climate Prediction Center provides climate outlooks, information on climate and weather connections, and climate data, among a wealth of other resources. The website also provides links to climate headlines, news and events.

Northeast Climate Database is a searchable database for regional planners and managers in the Eastern region of the US. The database offers information and resources on climate-related projects and programs. The website is a collaborative effort of NOAA, the North Atlantic LCC, National Wildlife Federation, and EPA.

NC State Climate Office

The NC SCO works to define, predict and disseminate information about the climatic and environmental factors that impact the people of North Carolina and is actively involved in research that enhances its capabilities to provide public service. Their website provides data specific to North Carolina, information about climate in the state, and eduation and outreach materials.

SC State Climatology Office

The South Carolina State Climatology Office, which is a division of the SC Department of Natural Resources, provides a unique service to the state by archiving and distributing climatological data to state agencies, educational and research institutions, and private citizens. The website provides links to data sources, services and climate information specific to South Carolina.

Southeast Regional Climate Center

The Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC) is one of six regional climate centers in the US serving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Peurto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. The website provides links to climate data, weather and climate information, and educational materials.

US EPA Climate Change Indicators

The Climate Change Indictors in the United States 2012 report brings together data from multiple public datasets to show observed changes over time in 26 indicators of climate change, including measures of high and low temperatures, rainfall, snowfall, pollen season, and sea level rise. This website provides access to the full report as well as a slide show of key findings.

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