CISA: Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments, A NOAA RISA Team

External Links: Drought Research, Data, and Decision Support

US Drought Portal
    The US Drought Portal, maintained as part of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), is part of an interactive system to
  • provide early warning about emerging and anticipated droughts
  • assimilate and quality control data about droughts and models
  • provide information about risks and impact of droughts to different agencies and stakeholders
  • provide information about past droughts for comparison and to understand current conditions
  • explain how to plan for and manage the impacts of droughts
  • provide a forum for different stakeholders to discuss drought-related issues

North Carolina Drought

The Drought Monitoring Advisory Council (DMAC) works to provide consistent and accurate information on drought conditions in order to assist local governments and other water users in taking appropriate drought response actions when needed. provides information on the current status of drought in the state as well as other decision support tools related to coping with the impacts of drought.

SC Drought Information Center

The South Carolina Drought Information Center lists current drought conditions for each county in the state, current water conservation actions by county, archived drought data, drought data from various drought indices, and information on drought regulations, plans and ordinances.

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