Integrating Climate Science & Decision Making in the Carolinas cisa

CISA: Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments, A NOAA RISA Team

Upcoming Events




Resilience Planning Workshop for the Water Utility Sector

During this FREE one-day training, participants will learn how changing environmental conditions and extreme weather events in the coastal Southeast could impact water utilities. Participants will explore potential vulnerabilities to water infrastructure and strategies for reducing risk and enhancing utility resilience. The workshop is designed for participants who have the ability to make or influence planning and resource allocation decisions within drinking water, wastewater, or stormwater utilities and from governmental agencies who work with water utilities. More information and registration link.

North Charleston, SC




Communication and Messaging: Natural Resources and Climate Change

This one day workshop will provide training on creating messages that resonate around natural resources management and climate change. Anyone engaged in community resilience, planning, conservation, education, or outreach is welcome to attend. More details and registration coming soon.

Georgetown, SC